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Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout
Three Rivers Area Mentoring

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T.R.A.M. • Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout 2012-13 Program Year

  • About TRAM: The program meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. Elementary and middle school children enjoy a snack upon arrival followed by a scheduled activity. They end each day with at least 45 minutes of homework time.
  • TRAM Program Goals: TRAM strives to provide a safe, disciplined and drug-free after-school environment. TRAM addresses its goal of early intervention and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through scheduled presenters.
  • TRAM Community Service Goals: TRAM's goal to promote community service is regularly being met through scheduled coat drives for "Make a Difference Day," volunteering at the Free Store, and through partnerships with 4-H, the Sustainability Council, and the United Way Youth Group.


February was a month full of activities at Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout. They took a trip to Skate Galaxy to celebrate Valentine's Day. They also received a visit from the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders. Both groups were able to catch up and play a game called "snaps," which was a fun math contest. The drug abuse and prevention program with Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse services also continued throughout the month. The month was also exciting because auditions began for the upcoming play the participants will be putting on together!


Participants returned from their holiday break excited for the New Year. They kicked the month off by setting and writing down New Year's resolutions and goals.

January also marked the beginning of an eight week program in conjunction with Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. The program will educate the children on the dangers of drugs and teach them facts on drugs and drug abuse prevention. The month ended in a great way with the annual mentor/partner appreciation dinner on January 26.


It was a great end to the calendar year at Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout. The Show Me Nutrition series wrapped up and the students learned many important facts about healthy nutrition and a proper diet for young, growing bodies. The program also set up a holiday "store," where students were able to pick out gifts for their family members and wrap them. The participants also took a field trip to Bair Lake Camp for their annual Joy of Giving Party. On Dec. 14, children participated in Turn 2's Holiday Express, by taking a trip to Grand Rapids to watch the Nutcracker Ballet. The month finished off with a visit from the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders. The Leaders and after school participants enjoyed snacks and games together in celebration of the holiday season.


November was a busy month at Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout! Along with a strong emphasis on homework and academics, the students took a trip to the Three Rivers Public Library.

A librarian gave the participants a tour of the library and the students were able to take part in a fun scavenger hunt. The students continued their fitness sessions on Tuesdays and 10 Life Lessons discussions on Wednesdays. They also began the Show Me Nutrition series, which educated them for the next several weeks on diet and healthy eating habits.


October was a fun and exciting month. On Tuesdays, the participants had fitness classes. This month they learned about the importance of warming up and stretching prior to any physical activities. The fitness sessions usually ended with a fun dance before the students moved on to their next activity. On Wednesdays, the students focused on Derek's 10 Life Lessons. They reviewed the lessons and discussed them, to understand how they could apply them in their own lives. At the end of the month, the participants traveled to Kalamazoo, Mich., to participate in the Jeter's Leaders Mentoring kick-off event at Mayors' River Front Park. It was a fun event, as all involved got to know each other better while participating in fun activities and games like relay races, home run derby, kickball and a soccer game. There was also music playing and a magician. The participants were able to enjoy hot dogs, sliders and chips throughout the event.


The program year at Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout got off to a great start once again. As soon as the students arrived, they split up into two groups and began their homework and academic time. This is the first activity of the day, and allows the students to focus on their school work and ask for any assistance if necessary.

After homework, the groups come together and enjoy a healthy snack. After the healthy snack the groups break off into activities. Each Tuesday, the whole group focuses on a fitness activity. On Wednesdays, they focus on life skills. On Thursdays, they come together for guest speakers or special trips. The group concludes the day by all coming together to clean up before being dismissed. One of the initiatives this year is the behavior and chore chart. The chart is used to reward participants for positive behavior and also to make everyone aware of their responsibilities at the site. It is going to be a very exciting year!

TRAM 2011-12 Program Year »
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