It is great that I have so many votes for the All-Star Game. I don't really have anyone out there campaigning for me, so this is real special.

My step-mom works Facebook on my behalf. She tells people to vote for me and then some of my friends will just randomly tell me that they voted for me. So, really it is hard for me to explain why I have so many votes. It isn't something I have focused on.

The support, I believe, reflects on how far our organization has come in recent years. I remember when I first got here, I was told that Rockies players don't get voted into the All-Star Game by the fans. I was told that is just doesn't happen because Colorado isn't the biggest baseball market. I was told that if I were ever to make an All-Star team, it would have to happen from my peers. So, to be sitting where I am at right now, on the whole, is great for the whole organization. We have come a long way, and we get a lot more respect after going to the World Series and making some playoff appearances.

More than anything, I try to bring the fans into my career, so to speak. I am always doing something, like growing a mullet, things that they can relate to. It gets their attention, in addition to the exciting plays.

I am about putting the fans first. Without them, we would not have this great game. When I was a kid, I would go to games and vote all the time for the All-Stars. There would be the pamphlets that they would hand out, or they would be on the back of the stadium seats. I would go to the [Oakland] Coliseum a lot, and I would be sitting there punching in the holes. I would usually vote for A's players because that was my favorite team. They had a lot of good players, and I remember so much of that when I was younger.

I also have enjoyed a lot of great All-Star Game moments over the years. But the one that always sticks out in my mind was Torii Hunter's catch off the bat of Barry Bonds a few years back. He robbed Bonds and, a few minutes later when he was coming off the field, Bonds playfully lifted him up. That was a great moment.

Another great memory for me was when Cal Ripken Jr. hit a home run during his final All-Star Game. He got voted into the game that year by the fans even though he wasn't having his greatest year. Those are two very good moments that stick out to me.

Last year, of course, was a chance for me to experience it myself for the first time. Even though I was hurt, it was surreal to be in that locker room with many of the best players in the world. It's crazy.

This year, if I am fortunate enough to go and play in the game -- which would assume that I am healthy and not hurt like last year -- it would be something very special and something I would never forget.

As of May 31, Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki leads all National League shortstops with 975,777 votes for the upcoming All-Star Game. He leads all NL shortstops in home runs with 11 and RBIs with 31, and in the field, Tulowitzki leads the league at his position in fielding percentage at .993 and double plays at 42. Tulowitzki was invited to last year's Midsummer Classic in Anaheim but could not play due to a broken wrist.