The Arizona Diamondbacks organization and the city of Phoenix are very excited to host the All-Star Game in July. I think it is going to be great. Everyone in Phoenix and in the surrounding areas have been making a lot of plans for the event.

In the Major League Baseball community, it is pretty well-known that Phoenix is a good place to visit. A lot of guys live here in the offseason and many guys train here during Spring Training. It is a real destination for travelers. It is family-friendly.

Of course, it is going to be warm. It takes a lot of planning to keep everybody cool. That is a major undertaking, and it is more than just improving things. One thing that really sticks out is a solar-panel structure with shade that they have going around Chase Field. Plus, you will have most of the events, like FanFest, indoors.

Last year, I got to experience the All-Star Game for the first time, and it was an unbelievable experience in Anaheim, Calif. I did my best to take in all the festivities. Both the players and fans love it. We had things like a parade, and there were a lot of opportunities to interact with so many people. It seemed like everyone got to share the experience with me.

It is also go, go, go while you are at an All-Star Game. Some guys -- especially first time All-Stars -- think they can bring their golf clubs and whatnot to Phoenix; it isn't going to happen. When you get to the All-Star Game, there are things like news conferences, meetings and media stuff. It is also about having fun with your family. You are moving around a lot.

If I got to experience it again this year, with us hosting the event, it would be amazing. One of the coolest things would be to play in the game in the city that you are from, or playing in the city that you play in. You have all the hometown fans behind you and supporting you. You can go out there and represent your team, your fans and your city right there at home. They know you very well. Last year in Anaheim, I remember the pregame ovation the Angels players received. It was larger and louder than what the superstar players received.

If it does happen again, I will doff my cap. I will take a bow. I will do it all. You have to acknowledge your fans. They have been with you through the ups and downs. They have your back, and it is great to interact with them.

D-backs center fielder Chris Young is hitting just .224, but he leads his club in home runs with eight and is second in RBIs with 23. In addition, he is Arizona's total-bases and doubles leader. The 2011 All-Star Game takes place on July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix.