Sports have always been a big factor in my family. If you weren't playing sports as a kid, you could get into a lot of trouble. I was told to pick the sports I liked the best -- I played baseball, football and basketball -- and I ended up loving baseball the most.

My sister, Porsha, is the best athlete in my family. She's younger, but she is a super athlete when it comes to basketball, softball and track. She is a great basketball player and that's her focus right now.

I'm a professional athlete and playing regularly in the big leagues, but she's the best in our family. I have to be honest about that. It's the truth. The truth can hurt your ego a little, but I'm proud of her. I just think she's the chosen one in our family.

I would never say that she could be better than me in baseball, but I do play her in basketball to see if I can beat her. I do win sometimes, but she can really play that sport.

My mother played basketball growing up and she was a real power forward. She was a big rebounder who threw big elbows. She was a Dennis Rodman-type, though she wasn't all out there like he was. She loved to get rebounds and she did her job on the floor.

My dad was a receiver in college. He had those big hands to catch the football. He did his thing on the field and I'm real happy that they eventually met. They have great genes and watching us is what they like to do. We would not have the talent right now if it were not for them.

Did I mention I have a little brother who is going to be better than me in baseball?

Sports are in our blood. I've always been very confident about my skills. I've always wanted to be a Major League Baseball player. That was my goal, and right now I'm living that life.

After playing parts of four seasons with Cleveland, second baseman Brandon Phillips emerged as one of the NL's top all-around second basemen with the Reds in 2006, batting .276 with 17 homers, 75 RBIs and 25 stolen bases.