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Ballpark Information

Are you planning a visit to Citi Field? Take Mass Transit to the game ... the faster, easier, and greener way to Citi Field.

First things first -- do you have your tickets? Don't miss your chance to see the Mets all season long

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A-to-Z Guide

All the information you want to know about Citi Field – our A-to-Z Guide can answer your questions! More »

Fast Facts

Some quick notes about the details of Citi Field -- brush up on your home of Amazin'.
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By the Numbers

The specific facts on everything from the field dimensions to the width of the panels in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. More »

Retail Options

Get the gear! You can pick up authentic Mets merchandise at Citi Field and when you shop online.
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Panoramic Views

Get to know your home of Amazin'! Check out our panoramic, 360° views of Citi Field. More »

Citi Field vs. Shea

A look at the new home of Amazin' compared to the previous home of Amazin', Shea Stadium. More »