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Posted 9/27/12 at 12:19 PM

Mustache no more: Keith Hernandez shaves off facial hair for charity

Keith Hernandez's famous stache was shaved off before the Mets' final home game against the Pirates on Thursday. As a result of the ceremony, Schick Hydro donated $10,000 to the Jacquelyn Hernandez Adult Day Health Center in Cobble Hill, N.Y.

"I want to thank all my fans who supported my mustache over the years, but it's time for it to take a backseat and give my upper lip some time to shine," Hernandez said. 

"I think it was a 10," Keith's personal groomer said. "I think we hit a home run."

And just like that, after 25 glorious years, the iconic stache was gone. Although, if you look close enough, a ghostly tan-line still remains ...

-- Andrew Harts / Real-Time Correspondent

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