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01/26/06 3:43 PM ET

Floyd chats about upcoming season

Mets outfielder discusses 2006 with fans online

Coming off his best year with the Mets, outfielder Cliff Floyd has high hopes for 2006. Floyd talked about the upcoming season during a live Web chat. He answered fans' questions about team chemistry, competition in the National League East, his favorite TV show and Super Bowl pick.

shlomer: When you were growing up, which team did you root for?

Cliff Floyd: The Chicago White Sox, so I was happy that they won last year!

31yonkers5: I was in Atlanta last season when we started 0-5 and you were getting tormented by a few Atlanta fans in left field. Around the eighth inning, you hit a "Cliff Banger" to right-center. How good did that make you feel while trotting out to left field in the ninth?

Floyd: It was actually left-center, but we won the game and that was the biggest thing.

seanmbrennan: What is your favorite part of playing in New York?

Floyd: My favorite part is that it's the biggest stage. If you play here, you can play anywhere.

31yonkers5: Do you have any friends around the league (current ball players) that you hang out with regularly during the offseason?

Floyd: Yes. Charles Johnson, Jeff Hammonds, Mike Morse, Dmitri Young and Pokey Reese.

g456: How did it feel when you hit 34 home runs?

Floyd: It felt great!

31yonkers5: What ball players, or any athletes in general, did you admire growing up?

Floyd: Harold Baines was my favorite, but I was also a big fan of Leon Durham and Shawon Dunston.

31yonkers5: How are you able to block out the fans while on the field and maintain focus?

Floyd: You just have to concentrate on what you are doing on the field. You can't worry about the fans.

31yonkers5: What does it feel like to see a fan in the stands wearing your jersey?

Floyd: It feels awesome, it feels great! You should head out to the store and buy one, too!

CESAR_VALVERDE: I wish you the best for next year. What are your expectations personally and for the team?

Floyd: I hope to be healthy and help my team win the World Series.

Base_Ball_4: What do you like to do the most over the offseason?

Floyd: I enjoy spending time with my kids.

31yonkers5: If you and the Mets were to pull off a world championship this October, would you consider retirement or would you continue to play in 2007?

Floyd: I would play in 2007 and beyond.

g456: Who is your role model?

Floyd: My parents are my role models.

Base_Ball_4: What are some of your offseason workouts to keep in shape like you were last year?

Floyd: We run stairs every other day, which is the best thing I do during the week.

Paul_Mastrola: Are the Mets the favorite team you've played on out of the four teams?

Floyd: Of course they are!

CESAR_VALVERDE: Are the Mets a World Series team?

Floyd: Yes, don't you think so?

johnnyphat: I know you and David Wright are pretty close. Now that he'll be in his second season, have you got any new nicknames for him besides rook?

Floyd: "Big baller."

ericslipp: Who do you think will be the biggest new addition to this year's team?

Floyd: Billy Wagner.

metsandsox: How could the voters snub you out of the Gold Glove last year? I've never seen a left fielder play like that!

Floyd: How could they? I asked myself that, too.

Cameron_Covington: Are the Mets better now than they were at this time last year?

Floyd: Yes, we are.

Cameron_Covington: What are your thoughts on the World Baseball Classic?

Floyd: If everyone comes back healthy, it's a good thing. If players come back hurt, it's not a good thing.

gustavo_castro: What do you think of the new acquistions Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duco and the rest?

Floyd: It's great! The team looks good.

31yonkers5: How do you feel?

Floyd: I feel great! I am ready to go.

shlomer: Who was your favorite player growing up?

nymguest: Harold Baines.

cubbiesfan4ever: Why are you so good, Cliff?

Floyd: I just got it.

no1metsfan88: What was your most memorable home run?

Floyd: Last year against the Angels, 3-2, bottom of the ninth. Can't beat it!

finalword: I just wanted to say thanks for a great 2005 season. Between you and David Wright, that was one of the best combos that Mets fans have seen in a long time. You are avery exciting hitter to watch.

Floyd: Thanks very much.

kingnappi: What type of music do you like?

Floyd: I like all kinds of music, but my favorite is R & B.

31yonkers5: How much can you bench press?

Floyd: 450 pounds.

xtremecro: What was your favorite game last season?

Floyd: The game against the Diamondbacks that put us eight games over .500.

gawpuk: Do you have a pregame ritual?

Floyd: Shower. Eat. Relax. Listen to music.

slicktroy: Who has been your funniest teammate?

Floyd: Ramon Castro. He's just one of those guys that keeps the clubhouse loose.

speedysoxmets: Do you think you will be able to have a repeat performance of last year?

Floyd: Yes, why not?

griffey05: Do you have a fantasy team?

Floyd: Yes, only football.

seanmbrennan: Who is your favorite athlete outside of baseball?

Floyd: Allen Iverson.

no1metsfan88: How did the picking on David Wright begin?

Floyd: All rookies have to earn their rights and he earned his by carrying my bags.

Adriene_Lazzaro: Did you play any Little League baseball when you were younger?

Floyd: Yes, I did in Chicago. I started when I was 8.

cyberghost: When you were a free agent, what was the biggest reason why you signed with the Mets?

Floyd: I always wanted to play in New York City and the Mets gave me the opportunity.

Ricky_Ricco: Is this really Cliff Floyd?

Floyd: Is this really Ricky Ricco?

john_smith: Do you play any video games?

Floyd: Yes, Xbox 360 online. Maybe I will see you online.

slicktroy: If you didn't play baseball, what would you be doing?

Floyd: I love basketball and I would definitely have pursued that path. I was 6-foot-4 as a freshman in high school.

bnards: What is your favorite restaurant in New York City?

Floyd: Tao. You get sushi and food cooked right at your table.

slicktroy: What will you do after baseball?

Floyd: Real estate and I hope to own my own bowling alley. I bowled a 290 this year.

k1llahk: What is with that shuffle you do with your arms before every pitch? Is there any purpose to it or is it just a habit you developed?

Floyd: I have no idea. I don't even realize I do that.

tooshea: Where is your hometown and are you married with kids? If you do have kids, do they play any sports?

Floyd: Chicago is my home town. I am engaged and we have two kids. They are too young to play sports yet, but they will.

griffey05: What do you consider a successful season?

Floyd: A World Series championship!

Eduardo_Morales: Do you ever get nervous when you're playing in the field?

Floyd: Yes, a lot.

franklymet: What would you say is your favorite meal?

Floyd: Chicken, greens, corn bread and red Kool Aid -- a soul food meal.

jerryk55: Have you kept in touch with Mike Cameron since his trade? How often do you expect you'll speak with him during the season?

Floyd: Yes, we have spoken. We will keep in touch and will speak often.

nick2888: Do you think the Mets can finally overtake the Braves?

Floyd: Of course!

Rich_Haan: Who would win in a home run derby -- you or David Wright?

Floyd: Definitely me!

31yonkers5: Do you get to pick your own intro music when you bat? What can we expect to hear this season?

Floyd: Yes, I get to pick my own music, but I am still going through my choices for 2006 that I am working on.

Laurie_Keller: I am a 41-year-old mom who never gave a hoot about baseball, but my 9-year-old son thinks you are the coolest. And his admiration is contagious. So now I am a Mets fan. Thanks! We are traveling from Connecticut to see you in a couple games.

Floyd: Thanks, Laurie. Glad to hear you are going to make the trip to Shea this season. I look forward to seeing you.

xtremecro: What is your diet like?

Floyd: No diet, just know your body.

Sean_Harding: Where would you like to hit in the order?

Floyd: I would love to hit third or fifth, but I am not the manager, so we will see.

Rich_Haan: What is your favorite thing to do after a ballgame?

Floyd: I love to spend time with my family and relax.

yanksboy15: Who is the biggest trash-talker in the league?

Floyd: David Wright.

allstarv2003: Who do you think is your best competition in the National League East this year?

Floyd: The Braves. They always win, so we have to overcome them this year.

bnards: A lot of journalists call you arrogant at the plate. Are you really that confident?

Floyd: You have to be confident, but that's not arrogant. You have to believe in yourself.

tooshea: Who discovered you and from where?

Floyd: Stan Zielinski, a scout from the Expos in 1991.

tcoxxxxx: What's your favorite TV show?

Floyd: American Idol.

nico_sowinangoen: Cliff, do you have any pets?

Floyd: Yes, a white American Eskimo and her name is Coco.

illflavored: What do you spend more time working on, hitting or defense?

Floyd: Hitting.

Anthony_Cocuzza: Cliff, what kind of car do you drive?

Floyd: I have an S500, a Flying Spur Bentley, SL500, Range Rover, Dodge Magnum, Cadillac EXT and Phantom Rolls Royce. And that's why I work so hard on the hitting.

gawpuk: Who do you have for the Super Bowl?

Floyd: The Steelers. I am a Bears fan, but I have a lot of friends that love the Steelers, so they are my pick.

mike_k: How's the food in the clubhouse? Which stadium has the best?

Floyd: The food in our clubhouse is very good. The best is probably Tampa Bay.

chieftowa: Where is the toughest ballpark to play? Fans?

Floyd: Philly fans are toughest, but the toughest ballpark is probably Florida.

cfloydinleft: What's it like to be on a baseball card? Did you ever collect them were a kid? Do you collect them now?

Floyd: It's weird, but I love it. I did collect them when I was a kid, but I wish I held on to them.

theofromi: What was your most embarrassing moment in your baseball career?

Floyd: Last year in Philly, I thought there were three outs, but there were only two. I threw the ball to a fan in the stands and they scored.

griffey05: How do you feel Omar Minaya has done as general manager?

Floyd: I think he's done a good job. He's put our team in a position to play in October.

gawpuk: What were your thoughts when David Wright made the play of the year?

Floyd: That play was outstanding! I was happy I was able to see it in person. Congrats to David Wright for winning the MLB.com Play of the Year!

fdnyl2: Do you ever use Carlos Beltran's colored tennis ball machine? Does it help?

Floyd: Yes, I use it. It helps focus your eyes.

dagame13: How would you rate the job Willie Randolph did as a first year manager?

Floyd: I think he did a great job. Expectations were high and I think he met those expectations.

John_Hewitt: What pitcher gives you the most trouble?

Floyd: Roger Clemens.

Anthony_Cocuzza: Cliff, how is the team chemistry right now?

Floyd: This week has been fun with the annual Caravan. We all got to meet Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duca, Carlos Delgado and our other new teammates. It's a good group. I am really looking forward to Spring Training so we can play some baseball.

johnnyphat: Does it take any pressure off of you now that the Mets have another big lefty in the lineup?

Floyd: I never have pressure, but it's good to have Carlos in the middle of our order.

xtremecro: Who do you think is the best pitcher in the league?

Floyd: Dontrell Willis, and I really like A.J. Burnett's stuff.

bnards: Who do you try to model your game after?

Floyd: I try to model myself after Barry Bonds. He's the best player in the game.

Base_Ball_3: Do you have any superstitions before games?

Floyd: I have to put my sliding shorts on first, my socks, shirt and then uniform and then shoes -- in that order.

mramazinmet: Will you miss Mike Piazza in the clubhouse?

Floyd: He will definitely be missed.

yanksboy15: What is it like to see yourself in a video game?

Floyd: It's crazy. I always play with my team. I get really mad when I strike out in the game.

Edward_Jones: Who are your friends in other pro sports?

Floyd: Ty Law on the Jets and Pat Surtain on the Chiefs.

kingkelly100710: Who was a major influence on you in becoming a Major Leaguer?

Floyd: Tommy Harper was my hitting coach for the Expos. He was more of a father figure away from home, but also a great coach.

Floyd: I want to thank you all for your time today. I am sorry I didn't get to all your questions, but hopefully we will have a lot to talk about after we win the World Series! See you in Spring Training!

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