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12/15/05 4:26 PM ET

David Wright chat transcript

Mets third baseman attracts thousands of chatters

After establishing himself as an All-Star-caliber player in 2005, Mets third baseman David Wright took the time to sit down with MLB.com and answer some questions for his fans.

Moderator: David Wright has joined us in the chat room, and he's ready to start taking questions. I'd like to start off by thanking you for joining us, David, and to ask you about the announcement earlier today that your barehanded catch in San Diego last season was selected the Play of the Year in voting on MLB.com and the 30 team web sites. Congratulations! How does it feel to be selected not just by Mets fans, but by baseball fans around the country, and the world?

David Wright: Any time you're selected for an award by the fans it's special to the player because you know the fans are appreciative and understand the work you put in on the field.

jerspos: Last year the NL East was the most competitive division in baseball, once again all the teams in the division were very active at the winter meetings. As of now, who do you see being the top contenders for the division this upcoming year?

Wright: With the offseason acquisitions we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to win next year so we're expecting to compete for a World Series title.

Amit_Kurz: Hi David, I just wanted to know do you lift weights during the season or only in the offseason?

Wright: I work out 4-5 days a week during the offseason and 2 days a week during the season.

Benji: I am 10 years old and very into baseball. What were you doing at my age to become so good now?

Wright: Instead of playing video games and watching movies, like most 10-year-olds, I always wanted to play catch or hit during my free time. I think that work ethic was instilled in me at that age.

reyes7j: David, my little sister just loves watching you play. She was on the fringe of becoming a hardcore Met fan and you pushed her over. Did you ever imagine this kind of popularity, being a NY Met?

Wright: New York sports fans are the greatest fans in the world. When we're playing well and winning, Shea Stadium gets rockin' and sends chills up and down your spine.

Base_Ball_4: How often do you get noticed walking around New York City, and how often to you get noticed on the road?

Wright: Quite frequently, but it's always compliments or encouragements and I enjoy the interaction with the fans.

Thomas_Cafiero: Other than the David Wright Foundation, what are your favorite hobbies off the field?

Wright: Obviously I put a lot of hard work into the David Wright Foundation, but other than that I love to attend sporting events in New York and play golf and hang out with my brothers back in Virginia.

Michael_Smith: Is there any part of your game that you feel the need to work on this year?

Wright: That's the great thing about baseball, there's always room for improvement. I feel like I can become more consistent both offensively and defensively and I'd like to steal more bases.

Jared_Stump: What was you favorite baseball team growing up?

Wright: Growing up in Norfolk, Virginia, home of our Triple-A affiliate, I went to a lot of Tides games and therefore grew up a huge Mets fan.

Andrew_Jessen: Are you excited about the new stadium, to open 2009? What kind of impact do you think a new stadium has on a team?

Wright: I love Shea, but with the new stadium breaking ground this spring, I can speak on behalf of Mets players and Mets fans that everybody is excited and can't wait for the new stadium in 2009.

William_Randolph: Do you get to chose what song is played when you're up to bat at Shea?

Wright: Yes, and I usually try to mix it up. Last year I came out to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lincoln Park, Jay-Z and some rap beats.

Michael_Smith: What has been the most exciting event of your Major League career?

Wright: Hearing a "Let's Go Mets" chant at Yankee Stadium.

Allison_Warga: Hey David! First off, happy early birthday! My question for you is what do you like to do during the offseason? Do you get a chance to travel at all or do you mostly stay local?

Wright: Thanks for the birthday wishes! I recently visited Las Vegas but wish I could travel a lot more.

matthew_ray: My dad and I are think you are absolutely awesome and we can't wait to continue to watch you grow. I mentioned to him last year that you would emerge very soon as the clubhouse leader, despite your age. What do you think of that?

Wright: Right now we have a veteran team with players that deserve to be the face of the franchise. But I can learn from these guys to hopefully be a leader in the clubhouse one day.

boomeroshea: Who is your favorite Met of all-time and why?

Wright: HoJo, because he was a great Met third baseman and he could do it all. Plus, he was my hitting coach in the Minor Leagues and told me to say that.

boomeroshea: Who is the most physically strong player on the Mets, the guy you would least likely want to face in a UFC match?

Wright: I could take everybody on the team (at the same time) but the strongest guy on the team is also the softest guy on the team, Cliff Floyd.

"Right now we have a veteran team with players that deserve to be the face of the franchise. But I can learn from these guys to hopefully be a leader in the clubhouse one day."
-- David Wright
Michael_Avery: Where do you think the Mets will finish in the NL East in 2006?

Wright: First.

tinymet: Do you see yourself spending a majority of your career with the Mets?

Wright: I hope so, as long as they want me, I want to be here.

patrick_drewry: Your feelings about playing the Red Sox at Fenway Park this June?

Wright: To me, Fenway Park is a lot like Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field in that they are baseball museums. I'm excited to take the tour and hopefully sneak out of Boston with a few wins.

Billy_Harner: Would winning the World Baseball Classic be just as special to you as winning the World Series?

Wright: Any time you have USA written across your chest it's a special feeling, so winning the World Baseball Classic would be special, but on the other hand, you dream about a World Series ring your whole life.

Alex_Goldstein: What do you think of not having to face Billy Wagner in the ninth inning anymore?

Wright: Personally, I didn't like facing him, so not only do we get a top-of-the-line closer, but we took him away from a divisional rival, so it's a win-win situation.

memphisstems: What's the best Christmas present you're giving this year?

Wright: The last couple of years I gave sweet gifts to my brothers and parents. This year I'm all out of ideas and haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. So, if you have any recommendations ...

Adriene_Lazzaro: Did you play on a Little League baseball team?

Wright: I can remember it like it was yesterday. The Green Run Padres.

wrightforpresident: Is there a nickname or other name that the guys in the clubhouse call you by?

Wright: First of all, nice screen name. Next, guys on the team call me D-Wright, D-Dubs, Cliff's favorite, Rook.

Heather_Dugan: You mentioned earlier this year you had a puppy, I was wonder how it's doing?

Wright: "Homer" is doing fine. He's getting big and creating havoc around the house.

Danny_Abriano: David, what do you think makes Mets fans unique in comparison with other fans throughout the league?

Wright: To me, New York fans, especially Mets fans, are the greatest fans in the world. They have a passion and a fire for baseball that no other city has.

Brian_Henderson: Which NL pitchers have given you the most trouble?

Wright: Billy Wagner, but not anymore. Brad Lidge, Dontrelle Willis and Roger Clemens, to name a few.

wrightforpresident: Is there a player in MLB right now that you consider a close friend and talk to every day?

Wright: Joe McEwing of the Kansas City Royals and the big red dog, Cliff Floyd. I beat Michael Cuddyer, the Upton family and friends in golf on a regular basis.

Greg_Neal: Are you surprised by the talent coming out of the (757) area?

Wright: 757 is the area code for the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area. It's a hotbed for baseball but also produces a lot of NBA players, NFL players and my personal favorite, the core of Virginia Tech Hokie football.

jerryk55: Will you still be carrying Cliff Floyd's bags this year, or do you expect there will be a younger rookie he'll take advantage of?

Wright: Hi Cliff! How's the offseason going? I hope not because I think he carries either bricks or dumbbells in those bags.

L_Dep: What is a typical night back at the hotel after a game on the road like?

Wright: SLEEP!

Rebecca_Moore: What's it like playing for Willie Randolph?

Wright: It's fun learning with Willie and he's great to play for, but also is an excellent motivator and brings out the best in his players.

Moderator: We have 15 minutes to go, so keep the questions coming.

ryan10586: Do you play fantasy baseball, and if so are you on your own fantasy team?

Wright: No, because I want to win.

uuuuuuuu: What is your pitch?

Wright: I'm pretty good at the fastball right down the middle.

Billy_Miller: How come you wear the No. 5?

Wright: I always liked No. 4, but when I was called up, our third-base coach wore it, so I was happy to see that I had No. 5 hanging in my locker. Compliments of Charlie Samuels, Tony Carullo, Vinny Greco and Dave Berni (the clubhouse staff).

Anthony_Adamo: Hey David, what's your favorite Met uniform?

Wright: I like the home black.

Adam_Schumacher: Are you going for USC or Texas in the BCS championship game?

Wright: Texas, but I like those Hokies in the Gator Bowl.

Greg_Weiss: Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, runner on third, down by one run, and the count is 3-2. What is going through your mind?

Wright: That's the kind of situation that I love to be in.

Gregory_Schmid: Jessica Simpson or Eva Longoria?

Wright: Either -- I'm not that picky.

metsbabiizchick: Do you spend a lot of time with your family during the offseason?

David Wright: As much as I can.

k0a: Did anyone encourage you to start The David Wright Foundation?

Wright: Keith Miller, a close friend and former Met, helped with the idea and who we could help.

Kevin_Lynch: What did you have to dress up as for your rookie hazing?

Wright: The costume was called Strawberry Shortcake, enough said.

canpickit: What type and model glove do you use at 3B? Is it a Rawlings, or a Pro 1000H?

Wright: I've always used Rawlings. Right now I use a Rawlings 12-inch H web.

Greg_Prince: What's it like playing with guys from so many different backgrounds?

Wright: I'm slowly learning Spanglish, which is me trying to speak broken Spanish and Jose Reyes trying to speak broken English. It's fun learning about different cultures.

nystuckinva: Hi David, I was curious as to who has helped to guide you the most in dealing with the New York press, as it has commonly been known as one of the toughest cities in which to deal with the media.

Wright: The godfather, (PR director) Jay Horwitz, and the protégé Ethan Wilson, have guided me through the entire process. Speaking of dealing with public relations, Jay says it's time to wrap things up. I appreciate all of the questions and wish there was time to answer them all. Have a happy holiday season and see you in Pt. St. Lucie.

Moderator: Thanks to David, and to all who participated. We had a lot of questions -- and I mean A LOT! David did his best to answer as many as he could -- hope you enjoyed it. Look for more Mets player chats in the months to come. Good afternoon, all!

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