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07/27/2010 5:08 PM ET
Billy Joel's "The Last Play at Shea" movie premieres at Citi Field Saturday, August 21 at 8:00 p.m.
World's Biggest Outdoor Movie Presentation Since 1919
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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FLUSHING, N.Y., July 27, 2010 - Billy Joel's "The Last Play at Shea" will premiere at Citi Field Saturday, August 21 at 8:00 p.m., marking the biggest outdoor movie presentation since 1919.

Tickets for the event go on sale to the general public this Friday, July 30 at 10:00 a.m. online at and by phone at (718) 507-TIXX. All tickets are priced at $10, and each ticket carries a $2 per-ticket service charge. The show is rain or shine, and parking will cost $5.

Prior to the movie, fans will be treated to special Billy Joel-themed programming and giveaways.

On July 16 and 18, 2008, Billy Joel sold out the last concerts ever held at Shea Stadium, before a combined 110,000 fans.

"`The Last Play at Shea' was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever performed," said Billy Joel. "I'm proud to experience that history with this film, participating in a musical legacy which started at Shea and continues on at Citi Field."

"The Last Play at Shea," produced by Steve Cohen and Nigel Sinclair, in conjunction with Billy Joel's Maritime Pictures and Spitfire Films, examines the intersecting histories of a stadium, a team, and a music legend. The movie chronicles the life and career of Long Island native Billy Joel and parallels the history of both the Mets and their former home, Shea Stadium. Set to the soundtrack of Joel's final Shea concerts, Last Play interweaves personal Joel interviews with exclusive concert footage featuring guests Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks, John Mayer, Roger Daltrey, Steven Tyler and Sir Paul McCartney plus Mets greats, past and present. Shea Stadium's musical send-off was a fitting tribute to the venue that hosted memorable concert events over the years, beginning with The Beatles in 1965.

"The Last Play at Shea" debuted at The Tribeca Film Festival, the largest film festival held in New York, on April 25, 2010. Variety says "the pic's portrait of Joel is one of enormous sincerity and genuine amazement ... from the shooting to the soundtrack, production values are extraordinary." "The Last Play at Shea is great fun," said The New York Observer. "Part music documentary, part concert film, and part sports documentary...the film is a beautiful love letter to the musician that brought us `Piano Man' and the building that Mets fans affectionately call `a dump' (but it's their dump). The sections following the team and the stadium are funny, poignant and something anyone can enjoy...The documentary also does an incredible job of capturing the life of Joel as he grew up in Long Island through his rise in the music industry," said

The showing of "The Last Play at Shea" at Citi Field is expected to be the biggest outdoor movie presentation since "Motion Picture Day," held July 4, 1919, in Columbus, Ohio. The studios of D.W. Griffith, Paramount Pictures and Famous Players-Lasky showed many of the films starring the most popular silent film actors of the time including Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

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