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06/25/2009 11:36 AM ET
Mets sign three more draft picks
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FLUSHING, N.Y., June 25, 2009 - The New York Mets today announced that they signed three more draft choices from the 2009 First Year Player Draft, including fourth-round selection Darrell Ceciliani, the team's highest pick to agree to terms so far. The 19-year-old outfielder will report to Kingsport (R) of the Appalachian League.

The Mets also came to terms with James Ewing, the team's 12th-round round pick, and 26th-rounder John Semel. Ewing, an infielder from the University of Southern Mississippi, will make his professional debut in Brooklyn (A) of the New York-Penn League. Semel, an outfielder from Chapman University, will join Ceciliani in Kingsport's lineup.

The Mets now have come to terms with 25 of their 50 picks. The team's signings are as follows:

  • Darrell Ceciliani (OF, 4th round, 134 overall, Kingsport)
  • Darin Gorski (LHP, 7th, 224, Kingsport)
  • John Freeman (C, 8th, 254, Kingsport)
  • Samuel Honeck (1B, 11th, 334, Brooklyn)
  • James Ewing (2B, 12th, 374, Brooklyn)
  • Ronald Harris (OF, 14th, 434, Kingsport)
  • Alexander Gregory (OF, 17th, 524, Brooklyn)
  • Cody Holliday (OF, 18th, 554, Kingsport)
  • Joseph August (OF, 20th, 614, Brooklyn)
  • Joseph Bonfe (3B, 21st, 644, Kingsport)
  • Zachary Von Tersch (RHP, 22nd, 674, Kingsport)
  • John Church (RHP, 23rd, 704, Brooklyn)
  • Michael Johnson (RHP, 24th, 734, Brooklyn)
  • John Semel (OF, 26th, 794, Kingsport)
  • Kurt Steinhauer (OF, 27th, 824, Kingsport)
  • Brian Needham (RHP, 28th, 854, Kingsport)
  • ZeErika Hall (OF, 29th, 884, Gulf Coast)
  • Thomas Chism (LHP, 32nd, 974, Kingsport)
  • James Schroeder (3B, 33rd, 1,004, Brooklyn)
  • Wesley Wrenn (RHP, 35th, 1,064, Brooklyn)
  • Lance Hoge (LHP, 36th, 1,094, Brooklyn)
  • Brandon Sage (LHP, 37th, 1,124, Brooklyn)
  • William Cherry (OF, 38th, 1,154, Kingsport)
  • Travis Ozga (1B, 41st, 1,244, Kingsport)
  • Ryan Mollica (2B, 47th, 1,424, Kingsport)

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