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01/28/2008 10:20 AM ET
Daktronics to provide 12,000 square feet of integrated scoring and video display technology at Citi Field
High definition scoreboards highlight unprecedented video enhancements for Mets fans at world class ballpark opening in 2009
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FLUSHING, N.Y. -- The New York Mets and Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) today announced that Daktronics will provide nearly 12,000 square feet of integrated scoring and video display technology at Citi Field, the new home of the Mets opening in 2009. Installation of the multi-million dollar system will begin this spring and is expected to be substantially complete by August 2008.

The scope of Daktronics' work at Citi Field includes the design, manufacture, and installation of the most advanced and varied video technology and integrated systems in the country. This system will incorporate multiple high definition video boards, one of the nation's largest and most capable out-of-town scoreboards, large screen LED video displays, Daktronics' popular ProAd® LED fascia display technology, and numerous other displays throughout the new, world-class facility.

"Daktronics provides the premier product offering in multiple video formats to best serve our fans when we move into Citi Field," said Jeff Wilpon, COO, New York Mets. "The introduction of Daktronics technology and equipment will allow us the opportunity to inform, entertain, and engage fans at our new ballpark in unprecedented ways."

"The Daktronics team looks forward to delivering a unique, state-of-the-art system for the Mets organization and their fans," said Reece Kurtenbach, Vice President, Live Events, Daktronics. "The system will incorporate our latest HD-X video technology in various locations, along with other video, scoring and messaging components throughout the ballpark that will provide great entertainment for Mets fans and great value for their partners."

The towering main scoreboard in centerfield will incorporate three video displays to show live action and instant replays, as well as line scores and other information. Daktronics latest HD-X technology will provide video displays on both the front and back of the main scoreboard. With more than 1200 lines of resolution, the primary LED video display will show images and information in unprecedented, high definition clarity.

Daktronics HD-X technology was designed specifically for high definition applications. This technology optimizes the full-color line count while eliminating off-angle color shift seen on earlier generations of the technology. Along with incredibly wide viewing angles, the HD-X design provides increased brightness using the latest in LED technology, enhanced contrast with deep black plastics, and other module and video processing enhancements.

Daktronics currently serves 26 of Major League Baseball's 30 venues. The company is recognized as the world's leading provider of full-color LED video displays. Daktronics began manufacturing large screen LED video displays in 1997. Since then, more than 4,000 video-capable displays have been sold and installed in sports, entertainment and commercial facilities around the world. Since 2001, independent market research conducted by iSuppli Corp lists Daktronics as the world's leading provider of large screen LED video displays.

Daktronics has strong leadership positions in, and is the world's largest supplier of, electronic scoreboards, large screen video displays and control systems. The company excels in the control of large display systems, including those that require integration of multiple complex displays showing real-time information, graphics, animation and video. Daktronics designs, manufactures, markets and services display systems for customers around the world, in sport, commercial and transportation applications.

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