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Anthony Castrovince has been a reporter for since 2004.

  • April 21 8:40 PM ET

    10 things to watch for in MLB this weekend

    Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jon Lester against the Milwaukee Brewers during a spring training baseball game in Mesa, Ariz., Friday, March 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)Between repeat playings of "Purple Rain" and, perhaps, renewed appreciation for the presence of Prince Fielder, we'll have plenty of baseball to watch this weekend. Here's a cheat sheet to help you prepare. More» Lester strikes out 10 over 7 1/3 innings
  • April 21 10:00 AM ET

    Lindor, Correa give back to community

    The statistics will tell you that the Francisco Lindor and Carlos Correa are great shortstops. Their actions tell us they are great people, too. Their teams aren't the only ones who will benefit from their talents. More»Lindor to visit Indians community programs all season
  • April 20 10:00 AM ET

    Edgar instills knowledge while embracing new role

    Seattle Mariners batting coach Edgar Martinez watches from the dugout during a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angles on Friday, July 10, 2015, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)Edgar Martinez will tell you he's not spending much time assessing his own Hall of Fame candidacy. The Mariners hitting coach is too consumed with trying to do what so many great players have attempted and precious few have succeeded at. To impart the innate, to teach your own talent is no easy task. More»Edgar gained the love, respect of Emerald City fans
  • April 15 3:13 PM ET

    Jackie's legacy continues to push game forward

    They tried to spike his shins. They tried to wound him with words. They tried to drown hope with hate. Through it all, Jackie Robinson's competitive spirit and his unyielding belief that he belonged in the big leagues would not be deterred. More»Archer, Harrison among players anticipating day
  • April 15 11:58 AM ET

    The Cycle: Surprising rookies are a big hit

    The Chicago Cubs' new below-ground clubhouse is seen Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in Chicago. Players came home this week to some sweet new digs after the Cubs moved earth if not heaven to build the new 30,000-square-foot clubhouse facility that roughly triples the size of their old cramped quarters. The new facility–baseball's second-largest–built beneath street level adjacent to the 102-year-old Wrigley Field has the look and feel in some ways of a trendy club. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)Every week of the baseball season is packed with hot topics, and on Fridays we touch on a few of them (and touch all the bases) here in The Cycle. Four items (single, double, triple and home run), each with a little more magnitude than the last. Let's swing away. More»Cubs players are introduced to their new clubhouse
  • April 12 2:28 PM ET

    Deep dish: Both Chicago clubs could go far in 2016

    The Chicago Cubs are 6-1. The most recent time they won the World Series -- way, way back in 1908 -- their record after seven games was 6-1. The Chicago White Sox are 5-2. The most recent time they won the World Series -- not-so-way back in 2005 -- their record after seven games was 5-2. More»White Sox discuss improved team chemistry
  • April 09 1:53 AM ET

    Stripling's past put Roberts in tough spot

    Dodgers fans booed. Even Giants fans booed. And you know if those two respective crowds are in agreement on something, we have an extreme situation on our hands. More» Stripling gets Duffy to ground out to end 7th
  • April 08 9:13 AM ET

    Cano's resurgence highlights engaging Opening Week

    ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 6: Robinson Cano #22 of the Seattle Mariners and Kyle Seager #15 of the Seattle Mariners score in the first inning on a two run home run hit by Robinson Cano against Texas Rangers at Global Life Park in Arlington on April 6, 2016 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)The 2016 season is young but already loaded with hot topics, and we're going to touch on a few of them (and touch all the bases) here in The Cycle. Four items (single, double, triple and home run), each with a little more magnitude than the last. Let's start swinging. More»Robinson Cano's power surge leads Mariners
  • April 06 10:00 AM ET

    Betts on verge of being something special

    CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 5: Mookie Betts #50 of the Boston Red Sox celebrates with Xander Bogaerts #2 after hitting a two-run home run gainst the Cleveland Indians in the third inning on April 5, 2016 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)This column, for the record, was going to be written no matter what Mookie Betts did on Opening Day or in this opening week. If he took the collar or misplayed a ball, Betts' potential to ascend to superstardom, his ability to shine even in a year in which David Ortiz is destined to absorb so much of the limelight, was something that demanded to be touted. More» Betts smacks a two-run shot to left field
  • April 05 8:03 PM ET

    Cold no match for Price's calm

    Mind over matter. That's what David Price had said. The conditions, Price knew, going into his first official start as a member of the Boston Red Sox would be frigid, but so would the response from the Boston faithful if he stepped on that Progressive Field mound and got shelled. More» Price strikes out 10 in his Red Sox debut
  • April 05 11:49 AM ET

    Opening Day overreactions: Let's get extreme

    Usually, baseball fans are reminded to respect the length of the season, that it's a marathon, not a sprint, that Opening Day is just Game 1 of 162. Ah, phooey. Why let facts and context get in the way of a good gut reaction? More» Span, Panik, Posey go back-to-back-to-back
  • April 03 3:18 PM ET

    Hitters becoming more aggressive

    Alcides Escobar hits an inside-the-park home run during the first inning.The ebbs and flows of baseball, the adjustments and counter-adjustments, are central to its strategy and, ergo, its soul. And as the 2016 Major League season begins, there is a serious strategic battle taking place between pitcher and hitter. More»Aggressive hitting vs. aggressive pitching
  • April 02 12:02 AM ET

    Speed trap: How velocity has changed baseball

    Maybe it began with the first prominent public presentation of the radar reading, that now-ubiquitous scoreboard and television screen standard that satisfies our need to know and overwhelms the art of estimation. A generation of kids saw mph scrutinized and monetized, and now they are bringing the heat to the bigs and altering the average. More»Herrera, Syndergaard among most powerful hurlers
  • April 01 10:00 AM ET

    Depth rules, and here is who has it for 2016

    Because depth and flexibility can reveal themselves in various ways, let's examine a few of them and how they apply to some outlooks for 2016. More»Jim Duquette on MLB clubs having more depth to win
  • March 23 4:22 PM ET

    Sense of urgency surrounds Blue Jays

    John Gibbons was pleased when the Blue Jays' opener was moved from April 4 to April 3 to accommodate the ESPN slate. The natural byproduct of success is allure, and if Gibbons' club keeps rattling off five runs a game and maintains its status as an American League East power, there will be plenty more scheduling shifts aimed at ensuring ample eyes are upon them. More»Mad Dog and Zaun break down the Blue Jays' roster
  • March 22 4:32 PM ET

    Correa sets high expectations, on and off field

    If you believe in the power of MVP osmosis, in the contagiousness of clout, then nothing Astros shortstop Carlos Correa has done on the field this spring -- and he's done plenty -- is as important as what he's done with his downtime. More» Correa belts a two-run shot to center field
  • March 21 4:07 PM ET

    Youth movement is near for Nationals

    Washington Nationals' Trea Turner bunts the ball during an intrasquad baseball game at a spring training workout, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, in Viera, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)Labels can be tough to shake in this game, and Dusty Baker has long worn this one: He favors veterans over youngsters. At a Nationals camp in which the likely Opening Day lineup features Jayson Werth and Danny Espinosa and not Michael Taylor and Trea Turner, Baker's policy on young players is worth addressing. More» Trea Turner, SS, Nationals
  • March 20 1:12 PM ET

    Superstars' health key to Marlins' 2016 hopes

    If Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez can both remain healthy in 2016, there will be plenty of reasons to smile in Miami. (Getty)Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton are both healthy. That matters more than any furor over whether Fernandez should be toeing the rubber in the opener or whether Stanton can outslug a 51-year-old Barry Bonds. More»
  • December 06 9:54 PM ET

    “You learn to sleep at night with the price you pay”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince On the day Robinson Cano got $240 million from the Mariners and Curtis Granderson got $60 million from the Mets and Scott Feldman got $30 million from the Astros, Chris Antonetti met with reporters in the Terrace Club at Progressive Field to discuss… uh… the chicken marsala lunch special? […] More»
  • November 20 3:50 AM ET

    “Tell me how do we get this thing started?”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince NOTE: This post has been updated with news of the Indians coming to an agreement with David Murphy. A small sliver of insight into the Tribe’s offseason spending strategy rests in the simple fact that when Tim Hudson fielded final offers earlier this week, the Indians had made what […] More»
  • October 03 5:48 AM ET

    A loss. And a win.

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince When it was over, and the sea of red had begun to disperse, revealing the undertow of green plastic seats, a few hundred fans remained near the home dugout, standing, applauding. This American League Wild Card game against the Tampa Bay Rays did not go to plan Wednesday night. […] More»
  • September 30 8:23 PM ET

    “You’ve got to walk it, talk it, in your heart”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince The last club Terry Francona managed went 7-20 in September to complete one of the great collapses in baseball history and end his otherwise successful tenure in Boston. This Tribe club managed by Francona went 21-6 in September to complete a stunning surge that, while undoubtedly schedule-aided, rejuvenated local […] More»
  • September 29 9:58 PM ET

    “Surprise, surprise, come on open your eyes”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Totally did not see this coming. I was optimistic, but not this optimistic. I was a believer, but not this big a believer. I knew the Indians would be better this year, and not just because things couldn’t have gotten much worse than the 2012 freefall. I knew an […] More»
  • September 27 7:11 PM ET

    “One step closer to knowing”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Within a whisker of a postseason berth, the Indians are coming to the conclusion that they have no closer. Chris Perez is not a closer right now. With a 7.85 ERA, .350 average against and 1.116 OPS against in 18 1/3 innings over his last 19 appearances, he’s a […] More»
  • September 26 1:50 PM ET

    Manager of the Year?

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince A Boston beat reporter got in touch with me the other day, because he has an AL Manager of the Year vote and he wanted to make sure he did his due diligence all the candidates, rather than just circling John Farrell’s name and being done with it. He’s […] More»
  • September 24 3:26 PM ET

    “Been waiting for tonight”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Well, this figures, right? Ubaldo Jimenez arrives here as a would-be ace with so much wanted and expected from him. And for the better part of two calendar years, he stinks, quite frankly. In the 2011 playoff chase, when the Indians are desperately trying to keep pace with the […] More»
  • September 18 6:36 PM ET

    “We got one last chance to make it real”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince None of the individual narratives seem to do justice to how fun and frustrating and ecstatic and exasperating and inherently weird this Cleveland Indians season has been. The Indians return home Thursday for the final homestand of 2013. They’ve got a remaining schedule – four against Houston, two against […] More»
  • September 10 2:07 AM ET

    “Try and catch the wind”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Yan Gomes walked by, and an Indians official said, “There goes our starting catcher.” Indeed, the transition is complete. Gomes has started at catcher in 22 of the Indians’ last 36 games. Publicly, Terry Francona says what you’d expect him to say, but the proof is in the pudding […] More»
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