Coming off his best year with the Mets, outfielder Cliff Floyd has high hopes for 2006. Floyd talked about the upcoming season during a live Web chat. He answered fans' questions about team chemistry, competition in the National League East, his favorite TV show and Super Bowl pick.

shlomer: When you were growing up, which team did you root for?

Cliff Floyd: The Chicago White Sox, so I was happy that they won last year!

31yonkers5: I was in Atlanta last season when we started 0-5 and you were getting tormented by a few Atlanta fans in left field. Around the eighth inning, you hit a "Cliff Banger" to right-center. How good did that make you feel while trotting out to left field in the ninth?

Floyd: It was actually left-center, but we won the game and that was the biggest thing.

seanmbrennan: What is your favorite part of playing in New York?

Floyd: My favorite part is that it's the biggest stage. If you play here, you can play anywhere.

31yonkers5: Do you have any friends around the league (current ball players) that you hang out with regularly during the offseason?

Floyd: Yes. Charles Johnson, Jeff Hammonds, Mike Morse, Dmitri Young and Pokey Reese.

g456: How did it feel when you hit 34 home runs?

Floyd: It felt great!

31yonkers5: What ball players, or any athletes in general, did you admire growing up?

Floyd: Harold Baines was my favorite, but I was also a big fan of Leon Durham and Shawon Dunston.

31yonkers5: How are you able to block out the fans while on the field and maintain focus?

Floyd: You just have to concentrate on what you are doing on the field. You can't worry about the fans.

31yonkers5: What does it feel like to see a fan in the stands wearing your jersey?

Floyd: It feels awesome, it feels great! You should head out to the store and buy one, too!

CESAR_VALVERDE: I wish you the best for next year. What are your expectations personally and for the team?

Floyd: I hope to be healthy and help my team win the World Series.

Base_Ball_4: What do you like to do the most over the offseason?

Floyd: I enjoy spending time with my kids.

31yonkers5: If you and the Mets were to pull off a world championship this October, would you consider retirement or would you continue to play in 2007?

Floyd: I would play in 2007 and beyond.

g456: Who is your role model?

Floyd: My parents are my role models.

Base_Ball_4: What are some of your offseason workouts to keep in shape like you were last year?

Floyd: We run stairs every other day, which is the best thing I do during the week.

Paul_Mastrola: Are the Mets the favorite team you've played on out of the four teams?

Floyd: Of course they are!

CESAR_VALVERDE: Are the Mets a World Series team?

Floyd: Yes, don't you think so?

johnnyphat: I know you and David Wright are pretty close. Now that he'll be in his second season, have you got any new nicknames for him besides rook?

Floyd: "Big baller."

ericslipp: Who do you think will be the biggest new addition to this year's team?

Floyd: Billy Wagner.

metsandsox: How could the voters snub you out of the Gold Glove last year? I've never seen a left fielder play like that!

Floyd: How could they? I asked myself that, too.

Cameron_Covington: Are the Mets better now than they were at this time last year?

Floyd: Yes, we are.

Cameron_Covington: What are your thoughts on the World Baseball Classic?

Floyd: If everyone comes back healthy, it's a good thing. If players come back hurt, it's not a good thing.

gustavo_castro: What do you think of the new acquistions Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duco and the rest?

Floyd: It's great! The team looks good.

31yonkers5: How do you feel?

Floyd: I feel great! I am ready to go.

shlomer: Who was your favorite player growing up?

nymguest: Harold Baines.

cubbiesfan4ever: Why are you so good, Cliff?

Floyd: I just got it.

no1metsfan88: What was your most memorable home run?

Floyd: Last year against the Angels, 3-2, bottom of the ninth. Can't beat it!

finalword: I just wanted to say thanks for a great 2005 season. Between you and David Wright, that was one of the best combos that Mets fans have seen in a long time. You are avery exciting hitter to watch.

Floyd: Thanks very much.

kingnappi: What type of music do you like?

Floyd: I like all kinds of music, but my favorite is R & B.

31yonkers5: How much can you bench press?

Floyd: 450 pounds.

xtremecro: What was your favorite game last season?

Floyd: The game against the Diamondbacks that put us eight games over .500.

gawpuk: Do you have a pregame ritual?

Floyd: Shower. Eat. Relax. Listen to music.

slicktroy: Who has been your funniest teammate?

Floyd: Ramon Castro. He's just one of those guys that keeps the clubhouse loose.

speedysoxmets: Do you think you will be able to have a repeat performance of last year?

Floyd: Yes, why not?

griffey05: Do you have a fantasy team?

Floyd: Yes, only football.

seanmbrennan: Who is your favorite athlete outside of baseball?

Floyd: Allen Iverson.

no1metsfan88: How did the picking on David Wright begin?

Floyd: All rookies have to earn their rights and he earned his by carrying my bags.

Adriene_Lazzaro: Did you play any Little League baseball when you were younger?

Floyd: Yes, I did in Chicago. I started when I was 8.

cyberghost: When you were a free agent, what was the biggest reason why you signed with the Mets?

Floyd: I always wanted to play in New York City and the Mets gave me the opportunity.

Ricky_Ricco: Is this really Cliff Floyd?

Floyd: Is this really Ricky Ricco?

john_smith: Do you play any video games?

Floyd: Yes, Xbox 360 online. Maybe I will see you online.

slicktroy: If you didn't play baseball, what would you be doing?

Floyd: I love basketball and I would definitely have pursued that path. I was 6-foot-4 as a freshman in high school.

bnards: What is your favorite restaurant in New York City?

Floyd: Tao. You get sushi and food cooked right at your table.

slicktroy: What will you do after baseball?

Floyd: Real estate and I hope to own my own bowling alley. I bowled a 290 this year.

k1llahk: What is with that shuffle you do with your arms before every pitch? Is there any purpose to it or is it just a habit you developed?

Floyd: I have no idea. I don't even realize I do that.

tooshea: Where is your hometown and are you married with kids? If you do have kids, do they play any sports?

Floyd: Chicago is my home town. I am engaged and we have two kids. They are too young to play sports yet, but they will.

griffey05: What do you consider a successful season?

Floyd: A World Series championship!

Eduardo_Morales: Do you ever get nervous when you're playing in the field?

Floyd: Yes, a lot.

franklymet: What would you say is your favorite meal?

Floyd: Chicken, greens, corn bread and red Kool Aid -- a soul food meal.

jerryk55: Have you kept in touch with Mike Cameron since his trade? How often do you expect you'll speak with him during the season?

Floyd: Yes, we have spoken. We will keep in touch and will speak often.

nick2888: Do you think the Mets can finally overtake the Braves?

Floyd: Of course!

Rich_Haan: Who would win in a home run derby -- you or David Wright?

Floyd: Definitely me!

31yonkers5: Do you get to pick your own intro music when you bat? What can we expect to hear this season?

Floyd: Yes, I get to pick my own music, but I am still going through my choices for 2006 that I am working on.

Laurie_Keller: I am a 41-year-old mom who never gave a hoot about baseball, but my 9-year-old son thinks you are the coolest. And his admiration is contagious. So now I am a Mets fan. Thanks! We are traveling from Connecticut to see you in a couple games.

Floyd: Thanks, Laurie. Glad to hear you are going to make the trip to Shea this season. I look forward to seeing you.

xtremecro: What is your diet like?

Floyd: No diet, just know your body.

Sean_Harding: Where would you like to hit in the order?

Floyd: I would love to hit third or fifth, but I am not the manager, so we will see.

Rich_Haan: What is your favorite thing to do after a ballgame?

Floyd: I love to spend time with my family and relax.

yanksboy15: Who is the biggest trash-talker in the league?

Floyd: David Wright.

allstarv2003: Who do you think is your best competition in the National League East this year?

Floyd: The Braves. They always win, so we have to overcome them this year.

bnards: A lot of journalists call you arrogant at the plate. Are you really that confident?

Floyd: You have to be confident, but that's not arrogant. You have to believe in yourself.

tooshea: Who discovered you and from where?

Floyd: Stan Zielinski, a scout from the Expos in 1991.

tcoxxxxx: What's your favorite TV show?

Floyd: American Idol.

nico_sowinangoen: Cliff, do you have any pets?

Floyd: Yes, a white American Eskimo and her name is Coco.

illflavored: What do you spend more time working on, hitting or defense?

Floyd: Hitting.

Anthony_Cocuzza: Cliff, what kind of car do you drive?

Floyd: I have an S500, a Flying Spur Bentley, SL500, Range Rover, Dodge Magnum, Cadillac EXT and Phantom Rolls Royce. And that's why I work so hard on the hitting.

gawpuk: Who do you have for the Super Bowl?

Floyd: The Steelers. I am a Bears fan, but I have a lot of friends that love the Steelers, so they are my pick.

mike_k: How's the food in the clubhouse? Which stadium has the best?

Floyd: The food in our clubhouse is very good. The best is probably Tampa Bay.

chieftowa: Where is the toughest ballpark to play? Fans?

Floyd: Philly fans are toughest, but the toughest ballpark is probably Florida.

cfloydinleft: What's it like to be on a baseball card? Did you ever collect them were a kid? Do you collect them now?

Floyd: It's weird, but I love it. I did collect them when I was a kid, but I wish I held on to them.

theofromi: What was your most embarrassing moment in your baseball career?

Floyd: Last year in Philly, I thought there were three outs, but there were only two. I threw the ball to a fan in the stands and they scored.

griffey05: How do you feel Omar Minaya has done as general manager?

Floyd: I think he's done a good job. He's put our team in a position to play in October.

gawpuk: What were your thoughts when David Wright made the play of the year?

Floyd: That play was outstanding! I was happy I was able to see it in person. Congrats to David Wright for winning the Play of the Year!

fdnyl2: Do you ever use Carlos Beltran's colored tennis ball machine? Does it help?

Floyd: Yes, I use it. It helps focus your eyes.

dagame13: How would you rate the job Willie Randolph did as a first year manager?

Floyd: I think he did a great job. Expectations were high and I think he met those expectations.

John_Hewitt: What pitcher gives you the most trouble?

Floyd: Roger Clemens.

Anthony_Cocuzza: Cliff, how is the team chemistry right now?

Floyd: This week has been fun with the annual Caravan. We all got to meet Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duca, Carlos Delgado and our other new teammates. It's a good group. I am really looking forward to Spring Training so we can play some baseball.

johnnyphat: Does it take any pressure off of you now that the Mets have another big lefty in the lineup?

Floyd: I never have pressure, but it's good to have Carlos in the middle of our order.

xtremecro: Who do you think is the best pitcher in the league?

Floyd: Dontrell Willis, and I really like A.J. Burnett's stuff.

bnards: Who do you try to model your game after?

Floyd: I try to model myself after Barry Bonds. He's the best player in the game.

Base_Ball_3: Do you have any superstitions before games?

Floyd: I have to put my sliding shorts on first, my socks, shirt and then uniform and then shoes -- in that order.

mramazinmet: Will you miss Mike Piazza in the clubhouse?

Floyd: He will definitely be missed.

yanksboy15: What is it like to see yourself in a video game?

Floyd: It's crazy. I always play with my team. I get really mad when I strike out in the game.

Edward_Jones: Who are your friends in other pro sports?

Floyd: Ty Law on the Jets and Pat Surtain on the Chiefs.

kingkelly100710: Who was a major influence on you in becoming a Major Leaguer?

Floyd: Tommy Harper was my hitting coach for the Expos. He was more of a father figure away from home, but also a great coach.

Floyd: I want to thank you all for your time today. I am sorry I didn't get to all your questions, but hopefully we will have a lot to talk about after we win the World Series! See you in Spring Training!