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Oct. 18: Kent's walk-off homer:
Jeff Kent's towering walk-off home run gave the Astros a 3-2 lead over the Cardinals in the NLCS.
 56K | 350K
• Oct. 21: Carlos Beltran scores on an error:  56K | 350K
• Oct. 21: Brad Ausmus picks off Tony Womack:  56K | 350K
• Oct. 21: Craig Biggio's leadoff homer:  56K | 350K
• Oct. 20: Jeff Bagwell's RBI single in ninth:  56K | 350K
• Oct. 20: Mike Lamb's diving catch in seventh:  56K | 350K
• Oct. 20: Jose Vizcaino caught stealing in second:  56K | 350K
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