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Urban Youth Academy Event Schedule

  • New Urban Youth Academy a point of pride in Cincy

    The Reds and MLB on Friday unveiled the newly built Urban Youth Academy, designed to offer area kids ages 7-18 the opportunity to participate in baseball and softball clinics, character development programming, and even academic tutoring and vocational training -- all free of charge.

  • Nomo, Hasegawa teach young Japanese players

    The Japan-USA International Junior High School Baseball Federation Series has been a showcase event at which young players jointly learn about the culture of both countries since it began six years ago.

  • Cincinnati UYA sets a new standard for program

    MLB and the Reds on Friday opened the P&G Cincinnati MLB Urban Youth Academy, which will provide free year-round baseball and softball training and instruction, as well as educational and vocational programs, to 7- to 18-year-olds in the Greater Cincinnati area.

  • Breakthrough Series continues to build influence

    The seventh edition of the Breakthrough Series will be one to build upon. The ground-breaking event, hosted by MLB and USA Baseball, expanded to four cities and greatly increased the amount of players it can impact this year. But perhaps most importantly, it featured several former Major League players serving as coaches and role models.