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FanPass - Season Ticket Holders

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By selecting the FanPass method of delivery for your Indians Season Tickets, all of your Indians tickets are available to manage and distribute through your My Indians Account. Simply log in to your account, and register the credit card(s) that you would like to use as your entry to the ballpark. Then you can assign specific games and/or seats to each card. Having tickets delivered electronically provides Season Ticket Holders with a variety of benefits:

  • There is a discount on Season Tickets for FanPass users and no additional delivery fee will be charged for the tickets.
  • Tickets to individual games can easily be assigned to different Season Ticket partners, or forwarded to other fans through My Indians Account.
  • Upon arrival at the game you can go directly to any gate for entry. An usher will swipe your card and print a slip with your seat location and loaded value.
Indians FanPass

Indians FanPass

Registering Your FanPass Card Online

Easily manage and distribute your season tickets by credit card - online, securely, and at your convenience - through the electronic delivery of your Indians season tickets.

Visit My Indians Account

Follow these easy instructions:

  1. Log in to your "My Indians Account"
  2. Click View/Edit Settings
  3. Select Manage My Paperless Tickets
  4. Select "Add Fan Pass"
  5. Select "Credit Card" from the dropdown menu
  6. Enter the required credit card information
  7. Read the terms of use, then Save the card to your account

Now you're ready to assign tickets to your card and distribute tickets to others!